On a seemingly typical Tuesday in 2012, Sarah O’Leary awoke with an entirely new company on her mind.  She had to create a national consumer advocacy that leveled the healthcare playing field for individuals and their families.

Consumers didn’t stand a chance against the $2.8 trillion dollar healthcare industry.  People deserved to have unbiased, seasoned experts in their corner who could help them save time and money on every aspect of their care.

Sarah wrote the business plan that morning and ExHale Health’s inspired journey began.  Today, healthcare experts and innovators from across the country have joined the Exhale family.  We’re fervently committed to helping millions of Americans take the hassle out of their healthcare nationwide.

We believe that no person should ever feel helpless, powerless or voiceless, especially in matters as important as healthcare. We put our healthcare expertise and corporate power behind consumers so that they get all that they deserve from their care.

ExHale employees adhere to the following principles:

Our proprietary training system – Hale University® – is an educational curriculum designed to help Exhale Experts and all employees perform their job functions with professionalism and expertise. In an industry that is in a constant state of flux, Exhale offers employees the training they need to deliver unparalleled service to our clients.
In a move we hope other companies will duplicate, Exhale seeks out “Survivor Hires”, or persons who have experienced events that took them out of their positions within the workplace.  The daughter who left her job in banking to care for an elderly parent, the IT professional who experienced a traumatic injury, the mother who had to leave her job at a health insurance company to take care of a child.  We realize the importance of these human experiences, and know how difficult it can be to return to the workforce after a prolonged absence.  Survivors have a home where their expertise and journey can be fully appreciated at ExHale Health.


You deserve to Exhale!

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