One Oath to Unite Us.

Do no harm.

“To abstain from doing harm” is an essential part of an oath that has been taken by physicians and millions of other caregivers dating back to the fifth century B.C. Some credit it to the father of western medicine, Hippocrates, who believed in an ethically binding promise between […]

On The Radio with CEO Sarah O’Leary

Our CEO Sarah O’Leary just wrapped up a morning of radio interviews on Supertalk 1570 (Flint MI), WHAM 1180 (Rochester, NY) and WGOL 920 (Russellville, AL). Great day to help people navigate the ins and outs of the ACA and their healthcare in general!  It seems lots of people didn’t […]

Protect Your Wealth. Ask the Right Questions.

The right approach could potentially save you thousands of dollars on your healthcare.  Ask yourself, “Do I owe this bill?”, “Can I get a lower price for this test or procedure?”  “Is this test necessary?”  “Do I have the right insurance for myself and my family?”

ExHale experts use […]

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ExHale Tip #45

“Ask As If”

Sometimes it’s difficult to put our own needs first, especially when interacting with doctors and medical staff about our care.

There’s a simple way to help yourself get the most from your healthcare engagements. “Ask as If’ you are representing your child, parent or best friend. We’re much more […]

ExTip #44

Ask Your Doctor About “Outside” Compensation 

Whenever your doctor prescribes a non-generic medication, recommends a specific surgical product (i.e., a pacemaker) or wants to use a new/specialized surgical tool for a procedure, ask if the doctor (or the practice or hospital) is receiving compensation of any kind from the pharmaceutical company, […]

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ExTip #43

We received another call from a client who was erroneously terminated from her individual PPO policy. If you have an individual or small business policy, take 30 seconds to call your insurer every month to make certain your policy is active. It’s a good idea to put a monthly reminder […]

ExTip #42

ExTIP for those on COBRA, individual or small business health insurance plans:

ExHale has noticed a recent increase in cases of COBRA, individual and small business plan holders being erroneously terminated from their insurance plans without cause or notification by the insurer.

If you do not receive the bill for your monthly […]

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