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Losing Our Wealth Over Health

If you ask Americans what they fear most, you’ll get a variety of answers ranging from the logical to the implausible, the phobic to the impossible.


Arguably the two things Americans fear most meet at one very distinct and undeniable intersection. When we get to our core truths, we fear for […]

Medical Bills? It Pays to Negotiate!

How can consumers obtain a discount for paying a medical bill in full and on time? How much of a discount should they ask for?

First, patients should try to negotiate a lower price for non-emergency tests and procedures up front.  When dealing with bills post medical event, patients should request […]

Medical Bills: The Monsters in Your Mailbox

Odds are you or someone you know will receive a medical bill in the mail that is accidentally or purposefully incorrect (experts estimate between 40% – 80% of all medical bills contain errors). Consumers pay nearly $68 billion dollars in medical bills they don’t owe every year, with […]

Our False Sense of “Insurity”

“I have good insurance! Why am I getting these bills? I thought I was covered!”

Whether you have ACA insurance, Medicare or a policy through your employer, you need to know your fiscal risks.


Unless you are a high ranking political pundit or have a titanium policy courtesy of a rarified corporate […]

Insurers “Bait and Switch” In-network Providers

Several Affordable Care Act (ACA) clients across the country where insurers have listed healthcare providers in their preferred networks, only to have patients find that the information is false and their doctors/hospitals are out of network.  A local news station in Georgia launched an Investigation into Georgia Insurer that included a […]

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