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How Medical Debt Can Effect Your Credit

Medical debt can effect your credit, even when that debt is the result of your insurance company mistakenly denying a claim that should have been paid.

Here’s one man’s story of when he received a cancer treatment that was supposed to be covered by his insurance policy and his medical claims […]

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Don’t Lose Your Wealth Over Health!

10 Tips to Protect Your Family’s Financial Wellness.

1. Ask for a detailed estimate upfront
There is no reason to enter into any purchase without having at least an estimate of the cost. and other free resource can provide insight into what the cost of care should be in your area […]

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With Medicare, Persistence is Key!

When it comes to receiving all of the Medicare benefits you deserve, it pays to be vigilant!

Today’s New York Daily News article about improper medicare claim denials highlights why it is so important for Medicare recipients to be persistent about their care.

One of the biggest mistakes we make as healthcare consumers […]

5 Fun Things to Do After Your Medicare Plan Check-up

Open Enrollment for Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug coverage (commonly known as Part C and Part D) begins October 15th and ends December 7th. During that time, Medicare participants can:

  • Switch from original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Change back from a Medicare Advantage Plan to original Medicare
  • Make a switch […]

10 Fun Things to Do While On Hold with Your Insurance Company

Our Founder Sarah O’Leary pokes fun at insurance company telephone hold times and delivers helpful tips for your next call with the insurance company in this Huffington Post article:

10 Fun Things to Do While on Hold with Your Insurance Company106589940

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Money Saving Healthcare Suggestions

Exhale Health is committed to sharing useful information to individuals and families about health insurance and healthcare.

Women’s Health featured an article written by CEO Sarah O’Leary.  It shares concrete suggestions to help families better navigate their care.  Please feel free to share it with your loved ones.  Be smart, […]

Generic Drug Price Gouging

In today’s New York Times, Elisabeth Rosenthal reported on the increase in pricing of some generic drugs.(   It is patently unfair to significantly raise drug pricing simply for corporate profit, especially on drugs primarily sold to senior citizens, many of whom may be on a fixed income.  The […]

Losing Our Wealth Over Health

If you ask Americans what they fear most, you’ll get a variety of answers ranging from the logical to the implausible, the phobic to the impossible.


Arguably the two things Americans fear most meet at one very distinct and undeniable intersection. When we get to our core truths, we fear for […]

Medical Bills? It Pays to Negotiate!

How can consumers obtain a discount for paying a medical bill in full and on time? How much of a discount should they ask for?

First, patients should try to negotiate a lower price for non-emergency tests and procedures up front.  When dealing with bills post medical event, patients should request […]

Medical Bills: The Monsters in Your Mailbox

Odds are you or someone you know will receive a medical bill in the mail that is accidentally or purposefully incorrect (experts estimate between 40% – 80% of all medical bills contain errors). Consumers pay nearly $68 billion dollars in medical bills they don’t owe every year, with […]

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