Our CEO Sarah O’Leary has been on numerous radio/TV programs recently to discuss the Affordable Care Act.  The common theme she’s discovered?  An overabundance of fear.

“People are being told to fear the Affordable Care Act without knowing whether or not it will even have an impact, good or bad, on their lives.  Many clients with individual policies are realizing that their premiums might lower and their care improve because of the ACA.  Millions who are covered under their employers’ policies won’t see any tangible difference at all.  Whatever the healthcare circumstance, it pays to look at your/your family’s unique situation rather than get caught up in the fear.”

When we get wrapped up in healthcare fear, we can lose our objectivity.  Without objectivity, we can lack the leverage necessary to get all of the care we deserve at a fair price.  If you want the most from your healthcare, do your best to fear less!

Question every bill, without worry about what the doctor or hospital or insurance company might think of you.  Appeal each and every denial of service.  Be unafraid to stand up for your healthcare!  You and your family matter first and foremost.