In today’s New York Times, Elisabeth Rosenthal reported on the increase in pricing of some generic drugs.(   It is patently unfair to significantly raise drug pricing simply for corporate profit, especially on drugs primarily sold to senior citizens, many of whom may be on a fixed income.  The lack of corporate ethics within the healthcare industry is nothing short of frightening.  Profit models and algorithms are far too often replacing the need to deliver quality care to consumers for a fair price.

Consumers who fall victim to unfair pricing strategies for prescription drugs should attempt the following:

•  Call pharmacies in your area to see if the price varies.  Oftentimes, you can save money on the same drug just because of where you buy it.

•  Contact your insurance company to see if they have a mail order pharmacy or a list of preferred pharmacies that might deliver your prescription for less.

•  If you need a brand name drug, look to the manufacturers’ web site to see if it has a frequent user card.  This can save hundreds of dollars per month on more costly prescriptions.


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