It’s the Perfect Time for a Health Insurance Checkup

Due to of a host of anticipated changes to individual and family health insurance plans both in and outside of the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges, we are encouraging all of our clients to have their current policies thoroughly examined with a health insurance checkup.

Networks, premiums, deductibles, prescription drug costs and other coverage benefits are expected to change for millions of Americans who purchase their health insurance via the ACA or open market. You/your family’s individual needs may have changed as well. A little work now may save individuals and their families significantly in 2015.

Several insurers have already sent letters to ACA enrollees claiming that they have to make a decision about their current ACA policies by November 25th if they plan on keeping them. (The date one must enter into a new ACA policy is actually December 15th for a January 1st effective date). Other individuals who purchased plans via the open market are being rushed into renewals by their insurers without knowing their options.

Why the sudden push on the part of some insurers? They don’t want consumers to compare their current policies with others available to them or notice a change in policy costs or offerings. More insurance companies have decided to offer ACA health insurance that didn’t participate last year, which will be cause more competition in a host of markets across the country. Competition in the open market is also predicted to increase as insurers begin to see the importance of the consumer health insurance marketplace.

If you’ve received a “rush” notice from your insurer, we encourage you to schedule time with an Exhale expert to discuss your plan at least one week prior to the end date specified by the insurer in case your current plan is the best available option for you and your family. If you’ve been informed you’re “auto enrolled’ or know you have to make a decision by December 15th, it still makes good sense to schedule your time now.

We’re offering a 25% Early Bird Discount to individuals and families who schedule an appointment with one of our experts prior to December 1st.

You can reach us at or by texting or dialing 1(800)381-4741.