Medical debt can effect your credit, even when that debt is the result of your insurance company mistakenly denying a claim that should have been paid.

Here’s one man’s story of when he received a cancer treatment that was supposed to be covered by his insurance policy and his medical claims got erroneously denied by his insurance company, resulting in his account being turned over to collections.

John said it best when he said:

“I really don’t know how the average consumer could ever peel back the layers of the onion with some of these big insurance companies.”

In John’s story, he was lucky enough to have the support of an investigative volunteer from the local news affiliate to help erase his erroneous debt and attempt to fix his broken credit as a result of the insurance companies admitted billing mistake.

Chances are high that you or someone you know will receive a medical bill that is incorrect causing you to pay more than you owe. Authorities report that up to 40% of all medical bills contain errors and consumers overpay billions every year because of mistakes and fraud.

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