This is a compelling video about a CNN report from the Anderson 360 Keeping Them Honest segement, citing some investigative journalism conducted by Time Magazine. The Time Special Report is called “Bitter Pill, Why Medical Bills are Killing Us.


A consistent theme of investigation by Steven Brill, Time Contributor, is “What’s hiding in your hospital bill and who is making a fortune at non-profits?

Here are some of the most startling statistics cited in the segment:

  • Top CEO salary of a non-profit hospital in 2010 was Dean Harrison, Chief Administrator of the prestigious Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago at over $9.7 million in total compensation which included a one-time bonus. Many CEO’s of other top billing non-profit hospitals have total compensation exceeding $2M/year based on 2010-2011 filings.
  • Hospital patients are charged $200 for a warm blanket.
  • Americans will spend $2.8 trillion dollars on healthcare in 2013. per person, that’s 27% more than other developed nations spend on healthcare and hospitals are getting a lot of that money.
  • According to the Center for Responsive Politics, since 1998, the healthcare industry including doctors and hospitals, have spent $5.63 billion dollars lobbying in Washington. That is nearly double what the Defense and Oil and Gas industries spent, combined.

People who make money in healthcare certainly have the government’s ear and at the same time, they also have our pockets. Who has our back?

Be well.