Today, many Americans are being hit by soaring prescription drug prices. Many reading this will relate through their own experiences. According to a survey by Consumer Reports, 75% of those impacted by high drug prices have reporting cutting back on spending, even food, in order to afford their medications.

In fact, one in three surveyed paid more for their prescriptions in the last year, with 1 in 10 shelling out a $100 or more out of pocket.

The following is a segment by NBC News, where one consumer interviewed reporting having to walk away from filling a prescription which was cost prohibitive because “it just wasn’t worth it to me.”

Tips to Save Money On Prescription Medications

To help save money on your prescription drugs, Exhale Healthcare Advocates recommends that you:

  • Make sure your medications are covered by your insurance,
  • Ask your prescribing provider or pharmacist for a lower cost generic alternative,
  • Shop around for the best price as prices between pharmacies in the same town or city can vary greatly.

Shop Until You Drop (The Price That is!)

Prescription drug and device shopping can save individuals and families hundreds to thousands of dollars every year. The price of any drug can vary based on name brand or generic, city and state of user, retailer or pharmacy distributor and many other factors.

We offer a prescription shopping service where our experts will price check all your prescription drugs specific to your area. Then we can negotiate drug prices and make sure you take advantage of all frequency programs and discounts available from pharmaceutical companies.

The price of medical devices can vary substantial based on where you purchase them and how well you negotiate pricing.  The price paid for hearing aids, for example, can vary 80% – 100%, translating to savings of thousand of dollars.  We do the shopping and negotiation for our clients, saving them time and money.

Contact us today to learn how we can save you money on your prescription medications!