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Navigating the wildly complex and ever-changing world of healthcare can be dangerous to your emotional and financial health.  You deserve an unbiased, experienced professional in your corner, independently advocating for you.  Our experts tackle the business of your care so that you get all of coverage and care you deserve.

We don’t sell insurance, work for healthcare providers, medical or pharmaceutical companies or accept government funding, so you can count on us to be 100% unbiased.

We are your personal, professional healthcare advocates.

We take the hassle out of your healthcare so that you can breathe easy.

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Basic Services: $75 per hour

Medicare Services: $90 per hour


Chances are high that you or someone you know will receive a medical bill that is incorrect or are denied an insurance claim, causing you to pay more than you owe. 40% – 60% of all medical bills contain errors, and most insurance claims can be overturned after just one appeal. Yet consumers overpay billions every year because of mistakes, unfair denials of coverage and fraud.

Exhale experts resolve medical bill and insurance claim disputes efficiently and effectively, using our knowledge of the complicated healthcare system to your benefit. We negotiate post-procedure pricing with all healthcare providers and insurers on your behalf, saving you time and money.

Whether you need help selecting a new policy through the Affordable Care Act or the ‘open marketplace’; want to make certain you’ve selected the right employer plan or need help transitioning from one policy to another, Exhale Healthcare will help you find the plan that meets your specific needs.

Your personal Exhale Health Expert:

  • Collects all the necessary personal and family information pertinent to your healthcare needs.
  • Creates your personal/family health insurance profile.
  • Researches and analyze the best policy options based on a careful analysis of coverage and cost.
  • Presents the findings to you in an in-depth, one-on-one engagement.
  • Completes your enrollment and confirm your new policy.
Planning the transition onto Medicare is more complex today especially for those who continue to work beyond age 65. Whether you are about to go onto Medicare, are on Medicare or an adult child of someone on Medicare, Exhale Health can help you understand the complexities, comply with the enrollment rules and regulations in order to make the right choices for you.

Contact Exhale Healthcare Advocates for more specific information on Medicare and Medicare supplemental coverage

Did you know that you could save hundreds of dollars on tests and procedures just by shopping around for a better price? Our Experts know how to negotiate with healthcare providers to get better pricing on every type of test or procedure.

Our experts can also help professionally manage the business of your healthcare.  We secure all pre-certifications and approvals with insurers, and confirm with the healthcare provider(s) that all of the personnel involved are within your insurance company’s network.

By managing every step of the process for our clients, we can limit confusion, claim denials and unnecessary financial liability.

Prescription drug and device shopping can save individuals and families hundreds to thousands of dollars every year. The price of any drug can vary based on name brand or generic, city and state of user, retailer or pharmacy distributor and many other factors.  Exhale Experts will price check all your prescription drugs specific to your area. Our Experts can negotiate drug prices and make sure you take advantage of all frequency programs and discounts available from pharmaceutical companies.

The price of medical devices can vary substantial based on where you purchase them and how well you negotiate pricing.  The price paid for hearing aids, for example, can vary 80% – 100%, translating to savings of thousand of dollars.  We do the shopping and negotiation for our clients, saving them time and money.

Millions of consumers don’t receive the benefits they deserve because they are denied claims and services their insurance company should cover.

Denial of a medically necessary claim or service by an insurance company is the beginning of the discussion at Exhale Health, not the end. Our Experts work with the insurance company and healthcare providers to make sure you can take advantage of all of the benefits provided in your insurance plan. Exhale Experts will review medical codes and Explanation of Benefits, track all claim form submissions and engage your insurer to make certain you receive all the care you deserve for a fair price.

Countless Americans have their insurance policies cancelled without proper cause every year. You cannot lose your policy because you are pregnant, become ill or are in a high-risk group (including age) that may not be attractive to insurers. If your insurance has been cancelled without notice or legitimate reason, Exhale Health can help. We appeal policy terminations by engaging the insurer directly. We can also escalate cases to through the proper state and federal insurance resources to assure each individual receives the coverage they deserve.

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