Thanks to our Exhale expert Stacey Jacobs, we were reinstated just weeks before our baby was born

“Thanks to our Exhale healthcare advocate Stacey Jacobs, we were reinstated just weeks before our baby was born.”

We were about to give birth when the insurance company tried to cancel our policy.  Thanks to our Exhale expert Stacey Jacobs, we were reinstated just weeks before our baby was born.
Laura, James C., Chicago


Thank you so much, Susan O! Advising me to contact Exhale Health yesterday has already been so helpful. I actually spoke with your friend Sarah, and even though there’s still a lot to figure out, I feel so relieved and much more optimistic about my hunt for new health insurance. Sarah was so nice, and spent so much time talking to me. I wanted to recommend Exhale Health to all my friends because they help with all kinds of health insurance issues–enrollment, price comparison, claim denials, and more–and being unaffiliated with any insurance company, they can give unbiased advice. With all the health insurance company mergers happening now, and the sneaky things they are perpetually doing to keep their profits insanely high, I think companies like Exhale Health are going to be more and more necessary to protect us from insurance company shenanigans.
Heather C., Cincinnati


The insurance company denied my claim, and I didn’t know what to do. I’m so happy I exhaled!
Barbara V., Dallas
I was paying a fortune to COBRA and I didn’t want to make a mistake with short term insurance or the ACA health insurance exchange. I’m so happy I exhaled!  They took care of me like family.
David, Los Angeles
The doctors and hospital said I owed over $2500 beyond my deductible, and my insurance company said they wouldn’t cover it. I’m so happy I hired ExHale! I was assigned an expert that day, and she took care of everything for me. I ended up owing less than $200, not $2500. Thanks, ExHale!
Frances M., New York City
Sarah O’Leary and ExHale totally rock! I am an American living in the UK, but I spend summers and holidays in the States. For the past six years, my family has had a hazy sense of healthcare cover while in the US through our homeowners insurance. We never really understood, however, what would happen if we had a serious health issue arrise while in the States. ExHale reviewed the policy, presented the coverage we have and a couple of issue in a clear, concise manner. They suggested three simple steps to make sure we have exactly what we need. We are comforted in knowing what we have and are better off for taking some action. And it is very nice to know that we have an advocate if we ever have an issue. Thank you ExHale!
John C., London, England
Thank you so for your help! When my Medicare supplemental insurance said they wouldn’t cover the drugs I have to take for cancer, I had no idea what to do. You helped me get into a better plan and saved me money on the prescriptions by shopping them around in my area.  ExHale made it easy for me, and I don’t feel like I’m in this alone anymore!
Susan L., Washington D.C.