‘Twas near the end of Medicare Open Enrollment
And within many an Americans’ house
Supplemental, Advantage and Part D Plans and prices were a changin’
Often without the knowledge of the Mother nor her spouse.

Their adult children were nestled
all snug in their homes’ beds
With not nary an inkling nor a clue
Of the fiscal danger in 2015
that may lay ahead

Without careful annual reviews of their Medicare plans
Making changes as were often needed
Medicare enrollees and their families
Might well find their bank accounts depleted

So rather than risk
An avoidable financial mess
Give your Medicare policies thorough exams
And in 2015, the less will you and loved ones will stress.

On co-pays!
On premiums!
On drug formularies!
On prescriptions!
On upcharges!
And changes!
And exclusions
Without convictions!
Read the fine print
Compare your policies carefully
And make no exceptions.

Look closely at your Medicare
Before midnight of December 7th
You deserve the best in care,
And don’t you forget it!

Happy Medicare Open Enrollment to all
And to all a good night!