If Medicare recipients want to keep themselves out of financial harm’s way in 2015, they must thoroughly review their Medicare health insurance policies during Medicare Open Enrollment (October 15th – December 7th).  Recent reports in the New York Times (Beware of Shifting Options Within Medicare Plans) and NBC News (You’d Better Shop Around) give Medicare recipients real reason for concern.

Navigating policy choices is a daunting task for Medicare recipients and their loved ones.  Insurers are constantly adding policies, changing coverages, deductibles and drug formularies (the list of drugs covered under the plan and the costs associated for each) every year.   With so many plans offered by private insurance companies, it’s often difficult for Medicare patients and their families to know which plan(s) to choose.  The wrong choice can up to thousands of dollars in overpayments by consumers. (Last year, one of our Medicare patients saved over $2000 on drug costs alone just by switching to a better drug plan and pharmacy.)

If you are a Medicare patient or family member within the program, make sure their plan(s) are carefully reviewed.  If you don’t feel comfortable taking Medicare on your own, visit Exhale Health and set a time to speak with one of our experts.  We take the scare out of Medicare.

Be well!