You negotiate at the car dealership, and the farmers market. Then why not negotiate your medical bills? You can and you should. Nicole Lapin was here with a special edition of The Money Game with Dr. Oz!

Nicole Lapin, finance expert and author of the New York Times Best Seller, “Rich Bitch,” joins Dr. Oz on “Good Day LA” to play a medical version of “The Money Game.”


  1. Who spends the most on healthcare? Men or Women? Answer: Women spend the most on healthcare and live longer.
    1. Women (Women spend more are healthier and live longer)
    2. Men
  2. You can always dispute charges for
    1. Bloodwork
    2. Gowns, gloves and sheets (these items are considered a cost of doing business and can be disputed)
    3. Xrays
  3. One of the most common overcharges is:
    1. Medication you brought with you (dispute charges on your bill related to medication you brought with you)
    2. Oxygen
    3. Extra Paperwork
  4. The most common duplicate charges is:
    1. X-Rays
    2. Hospital Food
    3. Ambulance Transport