Hear from Exhale Healthcare Advocates founder Sarah O’Leary on why it was so important that Exhale be 100% unbiased.

Learn from our founder, Sarah O'Leary why it is so important to us as #HealthcareAdvocates to be 100% #unbiased without any government or industry funding to influence or bias us. This ensures that our sole interest is helping you, our clients, manage your healthcare to get the care you deserve at a price that you can afford so you can breathe easy.

Posted by Exhale Healthcare Advocates, Inc. on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When evaluating healthcare advocates or as they are sometimes called, “patient advocates” or “medical billing advocates”, it’s important to hire a healthcare expert that is unbiased. Since they will be working for you, often negotiating prices and bills on your behalf, you want to make sure their interests are aligned with yours.

To be 100% unbiased means advocates should not be currently funded by outside sources such as an insurance company, hospital, medical device manufacturer, pharmaceutical companies or even the government as their agendas will not always align with yours in terms of ensuring you get the care you deserve at a price you can afford.